UBECUSWAP: The first digital currency exchange to represent the interests of indigenous, native, and traditional royals worldwide.

The Anamase Coalition Member Blockchain Roster consists of coalition members who we have minted a representative token that will aid in various sectors of humanitarian affairs where it will be used for mutual trade in domestic/international commerce and voting assets in our network mechanism of global diplomacy. UBECUSWAP is the outpost for acquisition of these trading assets, representing a powerful decentralized autonomy that complements the unique requirements of many of our indigenous, native, and royal members, when it comes to having proper asset leverage outlets to represent the wealth of historical heritage assets that represent the foundation of each member or organization involved. Now organizations within the network can exchange heritage assets in a digital format with other members or use them to vote on issues of global diplomacy with the consulate of the Anamase Royal Alliance Council as the platform for transmission.

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